The SiteGiant Story:
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

It was an afternoon filled with inspiring stories and valuable insights at 25 Startups’ Penang incubator with Stanley Lim sharing the journey of SiteGiant.

Stanley took us on a captivating journey, starting from his career as a web developer to becoming an entrepreneur in the realm of e-commerce. He shared how he recognized emerging trends and skillfully rode on them, leading to his first major milestone as an entrepreneur.

A pivotal lesson was the importance of branding; when Stanley rebranded from Sen9 to SiteGiant, it significantly improved his business prospects. He also introduced SiteGiant’s omnichannel e-commerce solutions and explained how businesses can benefit from them. Stanley’s insights and experiences provided actionable strategies to excel in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. A heartfelt thank you to Stanley for his sharing and our partners, Digital Penang, NFTcity and Entrepreneur Growth Hub for their support.

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