The Future of Factory: How Technology is Transformation Manufacturing

Penang IoT & Smart Manufacturing Community recently enjoyed an eye-opening visit to Tecan’s Penang Facility, a factory in the forest spanning 15,000 sqf. As a proud recipient of the 2018 FutureArc Green Leadership Award and the 2017 LEAF (Leading European Architects Forum) award for the best commercial building in the world, Tecan has achieved several milestones in automating the factory’s processes, which were showcased by Sababathy S Palanisamy, the Head of Automation at Tecan Penang. He also explained the current opportunities in areas like ESG compliance, asset management, optimizing operations, and enhancing customer experiences, which are ripe for innovative local SMEs and startups.

The visit concluded with a guided tour of the factory facilities, providing participants with a firsthand look at the manufacturing processes in action.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Tecan and Sababathy for their support to Penang IoT and Smart Manufacturing Community. We look forward to more collaborations with the industry. Stay tuned for exciting upcoming sessions by following us!

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