Tech Funding Outlook, Facilitation and Initiatives

25 Startups has successfully concluded our session with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) exploring valuable insights into the Tech Funding Outlook, Facilitation, and Initiatives.

Here are some of the insights discussed throughout the session:

  • The Funding Landscape in Southeast Asia: MDEC’s in-depth analysis shed light on emerging trends, investor preferences, and potential opportunities for startups and businesses in the region. The insights gained from this discussion will undoubtedly prove invaluable for startups seeking financial support.
  • Grants and Funds from Various Agencies in Malaysia: MDEC shared an overview of various grants and funds available from multiple agencies in Malaysia. The knowledge gained from this discussion will help startups explore diverse options for financial support and identify the best fit for their specific needs.
  • MDEC’s Funding Initiatives: MDEC’s initiatives are designed to assist startups in raising funds and are aimed at nurturing and supporting entrepreneurship.
  • Recently announced MDEC Grants: We also covered details on specific grants, including the Malaysia Digital X-Port Grant (MDXG), Malaysia Digital Catalyst Grant (MDCG) and other similar funding opportunities. MDEC provides comprehensive information about these grants, including eligibility criteria, application procedures, and the potential benefits they offer to businesses seeking to expand their reach beyond Malaysia.

We hope all who attended had an insightful and productive session. A huge appreciation to our ecosystem partners, Finexus Group, MDEC and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for supporting us with this session!

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