Startup of the Month:
Powered by RISE

Powered by RISE is a dynamic startup, led by Kray Chong, the Founder and Director, aimed to transform the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape in Malaysia. They have positioned themselves as the most scalable Charge Point Operator, addressing the needs of EV users, building management, and investors. By collaborating with popular Superapps, they’ve streamlined the user experience, allowing payments for charging services through a single platform. Their unique approach of offering Net Revenue Sharing to building management sets them apart, ensuring transparency and maximized benefits.

In 2023, Powered by RISE achieved remarkable milestones, including media recognition, significant grants, and successful investments. They’ve secured prime locations for their charging stations, a pivotal factor in ensuring investor profitability. Their passion for sustainable business models and the explosive growth of the Malaysian EV market, expected to grow by over 200% annually, continues to drive their success.

The challenges faced by Powered by RISE involve securing green finance schemes to reduce investor capital expenditure, but their focus for 2024 remains clear: expansion. They plan to install a minimum of 200 chargers, solidifying their position as a leading player in the EV charging industry in Malaysia, poised for significant growth and impact.

What draws investors towards Powered by RISE?

Kray is confident that Powered by RISE offers a highly appealing investment opportunity for asset investors by promising a remarkable 5x Return on Investment (ROI) within a 10-year contract, alongside consistent income. What sets them apart is their focus on low Capital Expenditure (CAPEX), reducing the financial burden on investors and aligning with a sustainable business model. This unique proposition positions Powered by RISE as an enticing option for those seeking a profitable and reliable investment opportunity in the electric vehicle charging industry.

Visit their website to find out more about Powered by RISE.