Norris Mukembe:
VCs' Top 3 Favourite Startup Traits

A huge thanks to Norris Mukembe from Insignia Ventures Partners for sparking up our 25 Startups’ Cyberjaya incubator @ Finexus Towers with an interactive session. Key highlights from Norris Mukembe’s insightful discussion encompassed effective management of investor relations through meticulous research and preparation, viewing fundraising as a sales process, and the strategic considerations essential while seeking investors. Norris Mukembe underscored the pivotal role of accurate financial statements in facilitating seamless fund processing-an area often overlooked by many startups.

Building on Norris Mukembe’s enriching insights, the session culminated in a stimulating Q&A segment, where participants delved deeper into the nuances of startup funding and investment strategies.

Our gratitude extends to Norris Mukembe, Insignia Ventures Partners, and the Finexus Group for their invaluable support, which contributed to the success of this event.

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