Startup of the Month:

Founded by Wendy Leong, Mobiva is a groundbreaking startup that harnesses the power of crowdsourced mobile data to revolutionize disaster management. Their innovative approach includes developing dynamic hazard and action maps that empower decision-makers, enabling efficient resource allocation during emergencies and providing vital aid to vulnerable communities. Mobiva’s collaborative data ecosystems bridge the gap between government agencies and communities, streamlining emergency response efforts and enhancing community resilience.

Driven by a commitment to address disaster management gaps and prioritize child-friendly initiatives, Wendy and her team at Mobiva utilize data analysis as a powerful tool in emergencies. Notably, their successful collaboration with the Asian Development Bank resulted in AI models that significantly improved human resettlement outcomes in Mongolia and Vietnam, showcasing the transformative potential of their data-driven approach.

While Mobiva has achieved remarkable success abroad, Wendy’s determination lies in bringing their technology home to Malaysia, where they can make a profound impact supporting local communities during disasters. However, the startup faces the challenge of acquiring early adopters in the country. Undeterred, Wendy and her team plan to scale their platform, reaching more regions in Malaysia and beyond, and strengthen partnerships with government agencies to ensure sustainable growth and create a safer world for all.

Why should investors look their way towards Mobiva?

Wendy is confident that investors will be interested Mobiva because it is an attractive investment opportunity due to their proven track record, successful projects, and innovative technology. The startup’s unwavering focus on critical issues such as disaster management and community resilience demonstrates their commitment to making a positive impact. Furthermore, the potential for expanding their technology to Malaysia and other regions offers new growth opportunities. With an experienced team led by Wendy, investors can be confident in supporting a company with both financial promise and significant potential for social impact, contributing to initiatives that safeguard communities and empower vulnerable populations during emergencies.

Visit their website to find out more about Mobiva.