How to Think Regionally from Day One

We had the pleasure to have a truly inspiring session with Lee William, CEO and founder of Easybook.

He shared with us the birth of his journey, from studying abroad and coming up with the idea for Easybook. However, it was only when he faced competition that he realised the need to fully commit himself to the venture.

William further highlighted his strategy for success, which involved taking advantage of his local knowledge and expanding regionally. He encouraged other startups to think beyond their current location and to strive for growth across the entire ASEAN region.

Throughout his journey, William placed great emphasis on self-development and sought #inspiration from the stories of successful business people. However, he also acknowledged the challenges he faced, especially when the Covid-19 pandemic caused a 90% drop in revenue.

Despite these difficulties, William persevered and is now moving towards an IPO with confidence and determination.

Overall, it was a truly enlightening and motivating session that left us feeling inspired and energised.

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