Member of the Month:

Engame is a game platform developed by Enidea Sdn Bhd in 2018 with the aim of providing a place for creative people to gather together. The name “EN” in the company’s name represents “Exponential Notation”, suggesting a world of exponential ideas and games. Vincent Cheng Yin Hoong is the CEO and Founder of the game studio, which found a niche in the marketing and advertising space.

The studio’s first Voucher Claiming Games, Tap Master and Watafood, became the prototype of the team’s future Play-to-Earn model. Currently, Engame is offering a No-Code game platform that allows businesses to create their own game, put up offers within the game ecosystem, and engage with customers. Vincent noted that many MSMEs are interested in using games as part of their marketing lineup but are deterred by the high development costs. Thus, Engame repurposed its game into a SaaS ecosystem model that allows businesses to engage their customers directly at a very affordable monthly subscription or even free.

In the first quarter of 2023, Engame successfully tested its games and platform domestically and internationally, in Japan, Philippines, and Singapore. They received positive feedback and interest from potential partners who are interested in deploying the service in their country. Additionally, Engame has started its seed round of $1 million and secured 18% of the target currently.

Although Engame has achieved significant milestones, the market moves rapidly, and they are incorporating technologies such as blockchain and AI into their games and operations to stay ahead of time. They are also building a game world to connect all kinds of businesses to players and customers, incorporating storytelling and level progression features to engage players and customers in different outlets and potentially plan their shopping journey.

So why should investors look their way towards Engame?

Engame believes that games can be a powerful connector and motivator, not just in business, learning, or workspace, but in all aspects of life. Achieving this delicate balance of games, content, and audience is extremely difficult, but it is something that the team is passionate about. With limited funding and a lot of hard work, Engame has come a long way. While the team is not perfect, they have a strong heart and a will to make their vision a reality.

Therefore, Vincent believes that investing in Engame means joining an unforgettable journey to transform the way we live, learn, and work by making everything playable, fun, and valuable. The team is committed to enchanting people’s lives through their games and creating real value for their partners and players.

Visit their website to find out more about Engame.