25iO Circle Cyberjaya Chapter:
Get To Know 500 Global & VC Mindsets

25iO Circle Cyberjaya Chapter was nothing short of extraordinary with the esteemed presence of Cheryl Lee, Principal of Growth Investments at 500 Global, and Pauline Goh, an industry veteran. The session was a treasure trove of knowledge as 500 Global shared valuable insights on how venture capitalists like them identify and decide to fund startups. Cheryl passionately urged startups to broaden their horizons and set ambitious milestones beyond the region.

Pauline’s contributions added even more depth to the discussion. Her wealth of experiences and insights, both from within and beyond the region, left a lasting impact on all attendees.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to both Cheryl and Pauline for sharing their expertise and making the event an incredible success. The enriching experience will undoubtedly fuel 25 Startups community’s drive for growth and innovation.

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