Member of the Month:

Dothouz Sdn Bhd is envisioned by it’s Founder and Chairman, Tyrone Chew, to be a full-service design and IT development company. With their team of experienced professionals, the tech company offers a wide range of services including UI/UX design, blockchain program development, and 3D CG graphics for games. By providing customized solutions that meet specific needs of each client, they aim to bridge the gap between businesses and technology. They strive to offer high-quality services at a competitive price point, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

In pursuit of growth, Dothouz has laid out their blueprint to develop their own AI robot code to provide intelligent services related to Malaysia and abroad, while leveraging blockchain technology to offer secure and advantageous technical services in different languages. With that, they aim to launch a new AI-assisted application called “Tapp” in 2024 which provides businesses with consumer insights and recommendations for promotional programs.

Tyrone acknowledges that the software development industry is highly competitive, and the company faces the challenge of staying ahead of its competitors. To overcome this challenge, Dothouz is committed to having the necessary resources and manpower to meet growing demands and adapt to the changes brought on by technology and evolving business needs.

So why should investors look their way towards Dothouz?

Tyrone mentioned that they have a unique position in the design and IT development industry with their one-stop solution combining design and technology, and their talented professional team is dedicated to innovation and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. Tyrone and his team is confident that with the launch of their AI-assisted app “Tapp” and expansion plans, their tech company has potential for high investment returns and is well-prepared for future growth and success. Overall, Tyrone believes is a wise investment choice for those looking to support a vibrant and constantly evolving company.

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