Startup of the Month:

DeHouze, founded by Kingsley Yong, is a startup poised to disrupt the cleaning services industry. This dynamic platform bridges the gap between homes and businesses in need of professional and cost-effective cleaning services. In 2023, DeHouze’s goal is to complete over 4,500 bookings per month, demonstrating their dedication to delivering exceptional service in a market where demand often outpaces supply.

Kingsley’s inspiration for launching DeHouze stemmed from a personal struggle to find reliable part-time cleaners, coupled with a prevailing lack of customer-centricity among cleaning companies. Recognizing the widespread need for a better solution, he embarked on this entrepreneurial journey. DeHouze’s noteworthy accomplishments include successful long term prominent brands’ clients, ie. iBilik, Inside, RoomNow & MyTopia for CoLiving Industry and Gamalux, Calvin Skincare, Bintai, Lalamove, MYS Travel & etc for their corporate premises. While successfully collaborating with Guardian, Watson, DKing, Sunway Medical Centre on their events for the under-lining potential.

Despite their achievements, DeHouze faces challenges related to internal resources and manpower as they strive to scale their team swiftly. Looking ahead to 2024, Kingsley envisions achieving 5,000 bookings per month and diversifying the platform to encompass additional maintenance services such as air conditioning, upholstery, pest control, and more. DeHouze’s mission revolves around excellence, meeting market demands, and contributing to the betterment of Malaysian society by providing superior customer service and valuable job opportunities.

What makes DeHouze an attractive option for investors?

Kingsley believes DeHouze presents a compelling investment opportunity due to its potential for high growth and commitment to societal value. Operating in an industry characterized as essential services, DeHouze addresses fundamental needs in Malaysia, making it a dependable investment choice. Kingsley mentioned his ambition making DeHouze the market leader in this industry with no obvious frontrunner, this signifies significant growth potential. Moreover, by providing reliable and affordable cleaning services, DeHouze merely responds to a critical demand, as well as contributes positively to the community, making it an attractive option for investors seeking both financial returns and social impact.

Visit their website to find out more about DeHouze.