Cyber Attacks:
What Every Business Must Know & Do

The session conducted by CyberSecurity Malaysia for Penang IoT & Smart Manufacturing Community & Penang Tourism Tech Community September meetups provided invaluable insights into the prevalent cybersecurity risks faced by businesses. Balamurugan Nallapan, during the session, illustrated these risks with real-life examples of ongoing cyber attacks in Malaysia. He also highlighted certain everyday practices that could inadvertently expose companies to cyber threats, even among non-ICT staff.

Building upon this, Muhamad Izwadee Hamzah further elaborated on the government’s proactive initiatives aimed at assisting SMEs in identifying and addressing their cyber vulnerabilities. He emphasized the government’s commitment to enhancing the overall cybersecurity standards across the nation by offering training programs designed to empower SMEs to bolster their cybersecurity measures.

We would like to thank CyberSecurity Malaysia, as well as Balamurugan Nallapan and Muhamad Iswadee Hamzah, for their invaluable contributions in sharing knowledge and spearheading initiatives aimed at cultivating a stronger cybersecurity culture in our country. Your efforts are instrumental in fostering a community of dedicated cyber safeguarders.

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