Crowd Capital: Unlocking Opportunities with ECF & P2P

It was an incredibly exciting morning in Penang, as we had the pleasure of hosting Elain Lockman from Ata Plus Malaysia and Yoon Jun Jie from Capsphere at Setia SPICE Arena in conjunction of Penang International Halal Expo & Conference 2023 (PIHEC). The session, titled Crowd Capital: Unlocking Opportunities with ECF & P2P proved to be highly informative, offering valuable insights into equity crowdfunding (ECF) and peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms.

Elain kick-started the discussion by providing a comprehensive overview of ECF, highlighting its significance in the journey of startups. She delved into the benefits that both fundraisers and investors can derive from participating in ECF campaigns. Elain also shared insightful statistics on the performance and impact of ECF, shedding light on its success rate. Additionally, she covered the eligibility criteria and prerequisites for ECF fundraisers and investors, as well as the involvement of the Malaysian government in ECF platforms. Notably, Elain emphasized the key success factors for ECF fundraising and shared concrete examples of how Ata Plus Malaysia, as an ECF platform, has facilitated the growth of various startups.

Moving on to P2P platforms, Jun Jie provided a thorough perspective on how startups and investors can effectively engage with Capsphere. He presented compelling statistics that demonstrated the empowerment P2P lending offers to businesses seeking growth. Jun Jie elucidated the advantages of P2P over traditional funding methods, highlighting its efficiency and accessibility. To further exemplify its effectiveness, he showcased success stories of businesses that have leveraged P2P platforms. Jun Jie then explained the diverse financing options available on Capsphere’s P2P platform and elaborated on the returns performance associated with each option.

Overall, the session proved to be an enriching experience, equipping participants with a deeper understanding of ECF and P2P platforms, and their potential to foster entrepreneurial growth.

We express our sincere gratitude to Elain from Ata Plus Malaysia and Jun Jie from Capsphere for their invaluable contributions during this enlightening session. Their expertise and insights into equity crowdfunding and P2P platforms have provided the audience with a deeper understanding of these funding avenues and their impact on startup growth. Finally, we would also like to extend our sincere thanks to PIHEC 2023 & Penang HALAL International for their invaluable support in making this event a success.

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