Startup of the Month:

carching, a dynamic mobility tech startup founded by Jeshua Choong, is revolutionizing car ownership and driving experiences. With their innovative solutions, car owners can unlock the untapped potential of their vehicles, turning kilometers driven into tangible value.

Through carching’s adtech arm, car owners can now generate passive income of up to RM500 per month simply by styling their cars with their favorite brands. This groundbreaking approach has already obtained more than 2,000 users, benefited over 200 cars covering more than 230,000 KM nationwide within a span of just 11 months, highlighting the scalability and effectiveness of carching’s platform.

While celebrating this significant milestone, carching is fully aware of the challenges that lie ahead. The current economic uncertainties have made it increasingly difficult for companies to allocate marketing spend, resulting in a prolonged sales cycle for carching’s adtech business. However, amidst this backdrop, there is a silver lining for carching. As Malaysians face the impacts of inflation and financial strains, they are becoming more open to embracing opportunities within the carching ecosystem, presenting the startup with a unique opportunity for growth and market penetration.

Looking towards the future, carching has ambitious plans for 2024. The startup is determined to solidify its position in the industry and further establish strong relationships with clients in Malaysia. They are committed to continually refining their product-market fit and making significant strides within the adtech industry. Simultaneously, carching envisions becoming an indispensable “co-pilot” for everyday drivers, enabling them to unlock even more value from each kilometer driven through a diverse range of deployed products.

Jeshua Choong, the driving force behind carching, remains steadfast in his dedication to tackling mobility challenges and providing meaningful solutions. His unwavering focus and determination have propelled carching from its early stages to the forefront of the industry. While drawing inspiration from successful entrepreneurs, Jeshua understands that the journey to success is not without its challenges, encompassing rejections, sacrifices, and moments of self-doubt. Yet, he remains resolute and relies on the initial motivations that fuelled his pursuit of this venture.

Why should investors look their way to carching?

Investing in carching presents a compelling opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the next big thing in human mobility. With the gradual introduction of electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and artificial intelligence, the mobility industry is undergoing a transformative shift. carching is at the forefront of this revolution, building innovative technologies that will remain relevant as the industry reaches its full scale potential. By investing in carching, investors can secure a piece of the action and be part of a forward-thinking startup that is shaping the future of mobility.

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