Startup of the Month:

Capsphere, a Malaysian startup founded by Yoon Jun Jie, aims to change the game in SME financing and investment. Their approach as Malaysia’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) asset-based financing platform focuses on providing financing based on assets pledge by SMEs which can range from property, equipment to inventories. This allows Capsphere to offer more competitive financing options to SMEs and build trust with investors. Their main goal is to make financing more accessible for SMEs to grow while providing investors diverse investment opportunities which are available in both Conventional and Shariah compliant. Capsphere’s inspiration comes from their experiences in family businesses, which highlighted the challenges SMEs face in obtaining financial support.

Capsphere’s journey in 2023 included notable achievements such as receiving the Digital Innovation Fund (DIGID) grant by Securities Commission Malaysia and finishing top 5 in the Selangor Accelerator Program (SAP). Their most significant accomplishment, however, is their contribution in promoting financial inclusion and empowering SMEs across Malaysia. They’ve successfully financed over 180 campaigns for SMEs all over Malaysia, while providing investors with stable returns, typically between 9-10% annually. However, they realize they could have supported SMEs better in their early stages and are committed in playing a more crucial role in their growth.

Looking ahead to 2024, Capsphere has clear plans. They want to keep up with technology trends by improving their platform’s user interface, security, and integrating new fintech solutions. They also aim to expand their range of investment products to appeal to a broader group of investors and develop more Shariah-compliant options. Lastly, Capsphere has regional ambitions but will approach international markets cautiously, considering local regulations and market dynamics.

Capsphere’s journey reflects their commitment to transforming SME financing and empowering investors. In the dyamic financial landscape, Capsphere remains focused on bridging the gap between SMEs and investors, ultimately benefiting both sectors.

What makes Capsphere an attractive option for investors?

Jun Jie is confident that Capsphere presents an attractive opportunity for investors, offering the potential for high returns, innovative technology, and effective risk mitigation, all while making a positive social impact. Over the past two years, Capsphere has consistently delivered an impressive average return of 9-10% annually to its investors, boasting one of the industry’s lowest default rates at just 2%. This track record positions Capsphere as a compelling choice for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and participate in the peer-to-peer financing and investment market. By choosing Capsphere, investors not only benefit financially but also contribute to fostering positive societal change.

Visit their website to find out more about Capsphere.