Startup of the Month:

BlueSkies.AI is revolutionizing the industrial inspection industry with its innovative AI-powered solution. Founder and CEO Edward (Ted) Connell noticed a market disconnect between the available AI/ML open source software and how corporations acquire solutions during his time as a consultant for top manufacturers. To bridge this gap in the market, he founded BlueSkies.AI, a game-changing startup that automates industrial inspection with AI and sells it as a service.

Gone are the days of long and expensive consulting projects to assemble inspection solutions and train models. BlueSkies.AI offers an autonomous solution that requires no AI or IoT skills from the client. The client simply shows the system 30-50 examples of each defect type and a similar number of good examples, and the system trains its own AI models. The AI/ML inspection appliance replaces manual inspection with greater accuracy and lower cost, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution for industrial inspection.

In 2023, BlueSkies.AI plans to scale the deployment of its solutions to multiple clients. Although the company acknowledges that scaling the business to meet client expectations may be a challenge, its disruptive technology offers a unique selling proposition. BlueSkies.AI aims to expand its footprint in 2024 by offering predictive yield and predictive maintenance use cases.

Investing in BlueSkies.AI is a smart move for investors who are looking for disruptive technology at a lower cost than current solutions. With its innovative approach to industrial inspection, BlueSkies.AI has the potential to shake up the market and provide a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional solutions.

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