Startup of the Month:

Beebag, a startup founded by twins, Joshua Lim and Joel Lim in their final year of university. Their startup idea budded from their belief that the greatest threat to our planet is the mindset that there will be someone else to save it. Both founders then decided to utilise gamification and positive reinforcement which will encourage shoppers to reduce usage of single-use plastics with reusables. To achieve this, both Joshua and Joel created a sustainability rewarding application and technology to turn ordinary reusables into smart reusables that rewards shoppers for their sustainable action.

“There are tons of reusables in the market but very few of them are actually being reused. As a result plastic pollution continues to grow every year. Millions of lives are affected and it’s producing cancer-causing micro plastics that are threatening our well being,” Joshua shares.

Despite foreseeing challenges such as macroeconomics, slow down of fundings and shortage of talents, Beebag is striving to acquire 10,000 users and onboard 200 official partners in year 2023. As for next year, Beebag hopes to introduce novel app features and explore potential regional expansion as pat of their long term strategy.

So why should investors look their way?

“Investing in Beebag is equivalent to investing in the livelihoods of our next generation as we are tackling one of the most problematic and concerning issue in the world. With that said, being able to contribute in solving the problem and earn from it is a win-win,” says fellow founder, Joel.

He adds on that Beebag proves to be a lucrative investment, as they are riding on 2 mega trends of our time, which are sustainability and smart retail, having a combined global market size of more than USD$20 billion in 2021. Hence, he believes investors’ funds will be utilised to take SEAA one step closer towards a sustainable and modern world.

Visit their website to find out more about Beebag