Accelerate Growth & Optimize Costs with FinOps

25 Startups’ July startup event in Cyberjaya set stage for an enlightening session to uncover the world of FinOps. Led by Mohd Atasha from Alphaus Cloud., attendees delved into the challenges faced by organisations in managing costs and gaining financial visibility within their cloud infrastructures.

Alphaus Cloud’s suite of FinOps solutions took center stage, offering tailored tools and strategies designed for startups. From cost analysis to budget optimization, attendees left the event armed with practical resources to make informed decisions and maximize their cloud investments.

Beyond the insightful presentations, the event fostered an engaging networking atmosphere where startups connected, learned from each other’s experiences, and forged meaningful partnerships. Attendees departed with a fresh wave of knowledge, powerful connections, and an unwavering determination to implement FinOps practices within their startups.

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