25iO Circle Cyberjaya Chapter: A Fireside Chat with Pak Joe

The 25iO Circle’s Cyberjaya Breakfast Wednesday was a inspiring session, with Mr. Ragunath Pak Joe Murthy, the Chief Client Officer of MCIS Life, gracing the occasion. 25 Startups community had a fulfilling morning, as we engaged in an interactive discussion with Pak Joe, who shared his personal entrepreneurial journey, from humble beginnings to his current position. He shared captivating stories on the importance of networking with people from all walks of life, branding and marketing, and how his self-development experiences have been instrumental in his success.

The session was highly engaging, with members sharing their challenges both within and outside their startups. Members were also given the opportunity to connect with one another, further enriching the experience. Overall, it was an informative and inspiring session that left our community with a lot of valuable insights and knowledge to apply in their own entrepreneurial journeys.

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