25 Startups Takes Stage at
40th JAMECA-MAJECA Joint Conference

25 Startups is delighted to have received an invitation to participate in the prestigious 40th JAMECA-MAJECA Joint Conference held in Tokyo. Representing our organization as a panelist, our Director and Co-founder, Melvin Ong, alongside esteemed industry experts YBhg Datuk Seri Mohamed Iqbal, Yuta I. and Auni Alias discussed on the topic, “Japan-Malaysia Co-Creation and Potentials towards New Economy and Digital Frontiers.”

During the panel session, they explored a multitude of opportunities available for startups and technology businesses. Furthermore, it was emphasized Malaysia’s advantageous position as an ideal launch pad, providing access to a vast market of approximately 690 million individuals in Southeast Asia. Malaysia’s remarkable digital competitiveness and its rapid adoption of technology were also highlighted.

The discussion then delved into the potential for Japanese investors to consider Malaysian startups. With Malaysia’s impressive track record in the startup ecosystem, having attracted investments totaling US$390 million, there exists a significant opportunity for mutually beneficial collaborations. Moreover, Japan’s substantial investment of US$6.3 billion into startups this year further strengthens the potential synergy between our two nations.

In conclusion, the 40th JAMECA-MAJECA Joint Conference provided an exceptional platform for us at 25 Startups to engage in insightful discussions and forge meaningful connections with esteemed professionals from both Japan and Malaysia. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our perspectives on the topic of Japan-Malaysia Co-Creation and the immense potential it holds for the new economy and digital frontiers. Thank you MAJECA for the invitation and we look forward to unlock the vast potential that lies within our shared vision for innovation and prosperity.

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