25 Media Issue #02
25 Media
Issue #02
December 2022

Issue #02 | December 2022

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Sivavenayakam Velayutham Managing Director, 25 Startups

2022 has been a year of awakening for many in the startup ecosystem. After two turbulent years in survival mode, both VCs and founders have experienced changes that have influenced the way they operate, invest and work.


While some did not survive, the pandemic has definitely built our perseverance and resilience towards facing challenges. We not only saw the birth of stronger leaders in the ecosystem but newer and younger ones too. With this in mind, a group of people from not only different backgrounds but also locations and skill sets came together to form a team with mutual purposes to empower these groups of founders and push the ecosystem in Malaysia forward.


The formation of 25 Startups was made with a simple aim in mind, to assist, empower and grow the startup ecosystem in Malaysia as it experiences the next step of evolution with the rise of 5G, AI and Web 3.0, to name a few.


In our inaugural newsletter, 25 Media, the team aims to keep you abreast of our initiatives to close gaps, ensure opportunities are spread equally and empower founders across Malaysia. In this issue and upcoming ones, you will also find efforts led by myself and my team as we engage with ecosystem authorities, both locally and internationally to bring opportunities to founders not only to established startup hubs in Malaysia but rising ones with potential as well. Our commitment in ensuring opportunities is spread equally across the nation is well reflected by our recent expansions and collaborations with authorities from various locations, such as Johor Bahru, Penang, Kuching and Cyberjaya.


As we move forward, we will be unveiling more initiatives and exciting announcements that we are confident that you will benefit greatly from. I would also like to request you to join us in the journey not only as a reader, but also as a fellow member of 25 Startups as we pave a new path for the ecosystem.


Enjoy this issue and do get in touch with us at [email protected].

25 Startups

An ASEAN startup community builder that helps startups grow their businesses through market access, funding facilitation, mentoring, training programs, and more. We also collaborate with international startup ecosystem partners to support our members to grow globally.

25 Events

25 Startups, Universiti Sains Malaysia to Catalyse Growth of Malaysian Tech Startups

Inline with the government’s vision to attract and develop as many tech entrepreneurs, 25 Startups has signed Memorandum of Understanding with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) to build new generation of student entrepreneurs by providing mentorship and industry advisory as well as connecting with growth programmes and corporates.
The collaboration between both parties will enable 25 Startups to provide workshops and sharing sessions by entrepreneurs to students in USM. This initiative will enable students to engage directly with seasoned founders and gain inspiration from their entrepreuneurial journey.

The signing will also facilitate USM’s engagements with the industry through 25 Startups Idea Lab platform.
For further information, get in touch with 25 Startups via [email protected] to learn more about the collaboration.

25 Events

Going Regional with 25 Startups & Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Breaking into new markets has always been one of the more frequent challenges startups face as they grow. Different markets often require new localisation strategies and familiarisation with different consumer behaviours.


At 25 Startups, we encourage our founders to integrate regional expansion into their long-term plans from Day 1. With this in mind, we invited Gopi Ganesalingam, Chief Digital Industry Officer and Senior Vice President Tech Ecosystem & Globalisation, MDEC and team to hold a knowledge sharing session to guide and support startups looking to go regional and global.


Over the years, Mr Gopi has championed talented entrepreneurs and has played an important role in developing Malaysia’s digital economy. He has also been part of the tech industry and nurtured the ecosystem in which has grown forward-looking digital disruptors.

25 Events

First Inaugural Round Of 25iO Circle

25 Startups launched its first inaugural round of 25iO Circle on 22nd December evening. It is a safe space where founders share, founders tell, and then founders listen and learn. We are motivated to cultivate the “openness” culture which is practiced in other successful startup ecosystems such as the Silicon Valley.
The fun-filled evening marked the first 25iO Circle that will be carried out every month for our members in Penang and Klang Valley.

Bring Ideas To Life

Discovery of Startups

We are on the lookout for creative minds and risk-takers. If you have innovative business ideas and want to materialise them, this is the place to be. Through 25 IDEAS, you will have the opportunity to showcase your business idea and stand a chance to be part of a 4-month programme where you will benefit from the workspace & mentorship to turn your inspiration into action.

Featured Startup
of the Month

SafeTruck |
Fleet Management Solution Provider

SafeTruck Sdn. Bhd. is a leading national provider focused on regulatory advanced telematics Global Positioning System (GPS) aggregator and offers a complete “business-in-a-box” fleet technology solution.


SafeTruck also assists clients with real-time actionable business and reliable telematics data on products such as Fleet Management System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Fuel Management, Vehicle Control System and DriverCare Application. These allows clients to maximise business potential and through AI, it assists customers in discovering their potential.


To date, SafeTruck has more than 15,000 subscriptions and various partners who rely on their software solutions for efficiency, productivity and safety in the transportation industry around Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The startup also aims to revolutionise the extensive reliance on antiquated legacy technologies for many of the fleet owners and drivers out there at the most competitive rate and customisable solutions.


Chief Executive Officer, Wilson Yew Jee Seong shares that idea of SafeTruck started when he and his team realised that there were few hundred Malaysian companies providing similar vehicle tracking solutions in piecemeal basis anddid not offer full spectrum solution that can resolve the industry pain points like unreliable data, lack of real time tracking and spotty services. He saw this situation as an opportunity to offer a complete package which eventually found traction in the industry and has inspired innovation in Fleet tech. In 2022, testament to its strength, SafeTruck has achieved several milestones, which includes the following:
Launched DriverCare App, Malaysia’s regulatory compliant driver logbook
  • Signed MOC with VSure Tech Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s first digital Insurer
  • Expanded to Indonesian Market
  • Title Winner of HUAWEI Spark Ignite Global 2022
  • Top 50 Finalist of SWITCH-Slingshot 2022
  • Secured investment from Accelerating Asia on November 2022
  • Secured investment from NEXEA on November 2022
  • Secured investment from HUAWEI on October 2022


However, while it has achieved a series of milestones, the journey was not without challenges. The 3G network shutdown and the impending 5G network deployment continues to impact the industry and devices. “As far as SafeTruck is concerned, we will use the latest 4G devices to ensure best connectivity and data reliability for our customers,”  Wilson commented.

Additionally, Wilson also shares that fast-paced fleet operations have high expectations in technologies and system integrations, this requires his team to constantly ensure all system integrations are done reliably based on the industry’s best practices.

As SafeTruck is gaining traction in the Indonesian market, they intend to further expand its business network in Indonesia with local partners in 2023. The startup is presently working with more than 500 mid to large clients in Malaysia and the focus in 2023 will be to widen this customer base.

So why should investors consider dipping their hands into SafeTruck?

SafeTruck has a strong management team that believes its products are ready to compete globally. Innovative development and technological advancement are two key factors in driving its products for commercialisation and market acceptance. Skilled workforce and strong sales force are twin engines that will help to propel the company to greater heights. Ultimately, the company wants to focus in creating value for its customers and will not compromise on the quality of its products. They will work with the transportation industry to reach their maximum potential,” he shared.


Get in touch with SafeTruck at [email protected] or visit their website at https://safetruck.co/.

Featured Startup
of the Month

VStream Revolution |
Autonomous Drone Security and Surveillance Solution

VStream Revolution Sdn. Bhd. specialises in providing Drone/UAV solution for industrial and commercial use. Their aim is to help drone operators to Increase Revenue, Reduce Risk and Operate Safely with their Drone Insurance and Drone Consultancy Services.

According to Saravanan Chettiar Letchumenan, CEO of VStream, some of the gaps the company aims to close includes risks in drone operation by offering drone insurances for drone repairs and total loss claims as well as 3rd party claims. The firm also provides drone consultancy services with ready to use Checklist, Operation Procedure, Operation Manuals, Permit Application Services and Certified Drone Trainings.

Despite the market being slow and a challenging year to raise fund, Saravanan is still proud of VStream’s biggest milestone of the year which is to have launched a fully automated Drone Insurance Store at the Global Drone Conference 2022, with SME Corporation officiating the store launch.

Recognised as a pioneer in drone insurance in Malaysia, VStream has also managed to secure drone insurances for top Malaysian drone companies which includes the likes of Aerodyne, TerraDrone, OFO Tech, PEN Aviation and Meraque.

Additionally, they entered into a partnership with drone logistics ecosystem member, AirGo Design Pte Ltd (Singapore) to explore work on risk assessment processes and development of standardised insurance policies for AirGo’s smart DroneBox containers. This would be the first effort on a global scale to streamline evaluation and risk assessment method for drone delivery containers, including laboratory tests and certification process in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authorities and Ministry of Health (MoH) in Malaysia, specifically for the transportation of medical supplies.

As for the upcoming year, VStream aims to serve 20% of the drone market in Malaysia and further capture 5% of the ASEAN market, specifically in Singapore and Thailand. They are also rolling out drone e-commerce platform in 2023.

So why should investors consider dipping their hands into VStream Revolution?

Being Malaysia’s 1st Drone Insurance and Drone Consultancy solution provider with recognitions from the top players of the drone industry and government agencies in Malaysia, VStream is now ready to take its next big leap in the regional market. With this confidence, VStream targets to grow its clientele to 500 regionally.

Get in touch with Saravanan from VStream at [email protected] or visit their website at https://droneinsurance.store/.